Passion, tradition, high craftsmanship are the milestones which the company is based on. An all Italian family who, since 1960, has devoted itself to luxury interior décor with passion and commitment.

Decades of experience and international projects take shape at Art Arredo srl, founded in 2007 by the third generation of the family, based in Lissone, in the Brianza district, highly recognised as industrial pole of excellence for Made in Italy furniture. Art Arredo comes as a 2000 square meter modern structure, with a wide exhibition ground dedicated to showing top quality production and a site exploited by different craftsmen who are engaged in carrying on the Italian tradition. Focusing on an exclusive production chain composed of 50 collaborators specialised in wood processing, upholstery and wood painting, the company can meet the different furnishing requirements for various styles, from classic to Italian contemporary style, relying upon collaborations with architects, designers, artists. A newly conceived structure that counts upon collaboration to face international markets. Always focused on unique and sophisticated details, we give birth to original designs solutions, proposed in a smart way by means of hand-made cross-sections carried out by our designers. Authentic and custom solutions, in tune with the standards of the best craftsmanship tradition. Unique woodworks, living areas, highly original and comfortable sofas and armchairs, solutions for the night area, entrances, bathrooms, complete kitchens, furnishing accessories and customised curtains are developed with the most precious fabrics on the market. We also provide every kind of furnishing element such as doors, floors, countertops to complete harmoniously the furnishing of houses, hotels, restaurants and public venues.


Our master craftsmen carry out custom works, an exclusive service, starting from an idea, passing through the single piece of furniture’s tailor-made drawing and ending with the production of elements developed on demand. From the designing phase, several professionals are involved for the project to be developed at best, be it upholstery furniture, furnishing accessories, a woodwork, a lamp, be they floors, ceramics, curtains, our “bespoke” service can make every space unique and exclusive. An all inclusive consulting in the world of luxury interior décor, to provide a production featuring Italian quality and excellence.

Made in Italy Excellence

Over 50 years of experience in the production of Italian furniture, combined with a teamwork and a know-how passed down for generations create an intrinsic value added in our production. Top local craftsmanship and a global vision is our production’s recipe, always focusing on new international trends. We interpret the traditional production of classic, contemporary and modern furnishing with the standards of new markets, in the name of a smart and all Italian style.


We are proud to pass down the art of hand-drawn customised design, though aware of the brand new technologies capable of interpreting at best both spaces and furnishings. Adapting to modern tools and services, we firmly believe in the hand-made representation of the interior concept, an art that is also difficult to pass on, but that makes every project charming and unique. A taste of the past that makes the high manual dexterity behind every single product of ours perceivable.